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(Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons) I am a girl. Think about that. What’s the first thing that comes into mind? Is it weakness, or is it power? Is it ignorance, or is it understanding? Is it appearance, or is it talent and intelligence? This isn’t the 19th century. Women do not belong in kitchens, confined in … Continue reading

The Stereotypes Surrounding Mental Disorders

A little girl especially close to me has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). She occupies a special place in my heart, and it hurts me so much to see her struggle. She started exhibiting these symptoms over a year ago, and their severity seems to fluctuate arbitrarily. Almost every other day, though, she struggles: she can’t … Continue reading


I used to call myself a tomboy because I dressed “like a boy” and played with the boys at recess, even though I’m a girl. I’d wear a pair of my brother’s old, loose and baggy basketball shorts that drooped below the knee, never fitted shirts like most girls my age. I acted liked a stereotypical … Continue reading

True Intersectional Feminism

When French engineer Louis Réard introduced the bikini to his fellow countrywomen in 1946, little did he know that his swimwear, or a fusion of his swimwear, would be the center of political and social debate around the world seventy years later. In July of 2016, the “burkini,” a fusion between the bikini and a … Continue reading

Literary Sexism

My journal, two unsharpened pencils, and biscuit crumbs are spread out on my desk. Sundays are for writing. I sit beside the window-light, looking at the pigeons’ heavy eyes. However, after having read Annie Finch’s piece on literary sexism and sexual abuse this morning, writing seems to have become a rather cathartic practice. As a … Continue reading

A Call to Action

As a nonpartisan organization, we aren’t interested in commenting on specific candidates or political figures. However, we are interested in empowering disenfranchised communities in a time when so many are feeling distraught, misunderstood, and silenced. This is a time when we need to hear from one another. We need to understand realities that are different … Continue reading