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Transgender People Are Us: Planting A Seed For Unconditional Acceptance And Inclusiveness

There are individuals across the nation and around the world who, at some point in their lives, innately come to a striking realization: an acknowledgement of physically being a male or female while inwardly acting and functioning as the contrary gender. Although any member of the LGBTQ+ community is vulnerable to discrimination and violence, research … Continue reading

This Land is a Land of Color: Why I’m Seeking Immigrant Representation in the United States History Curriculum

Courtesy of L’Chaim Magazine For the past couple of months, I’ve been working with POC Online Classroom to curate a steady collection of educational resources on Asian American identity and social history. POC Online Classroom, first founded in the November after the 2016 election, was created in order to assist both people of color and … Continue reading

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Redefy is pivoting as an organization to focus on creating resources to make communities/schools more inclusive, and beyond that — we are seeking passionate young people to lead us forward at every level. We are a by teens for teens organization committed to defying stereotypes, redefining perspectives positively, and creating an active community, and we … Continue reading

The Plight of Women in the Traditional Communities

The traditional communities, especially in Africa, have the same typical mindset that the man is superior to the woman. A woman in the traditional community has the responsibility of fetching the water, cooking the food, washing the clothes, cleaning the house and taking care of the children. Although this makes the woman very hardworking, it … Continue reading