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Suicide: A Personal Narrative

  Not too long ago, I was ready to die.  While playing with scissors, I was listening to music that related to my situation. With the music in my ears, I was desperately trying to convince myself otherwise.  But nothing was working.  That is, until the next song came on and saved my life.  It … Continue reading

A Girl: Zainab Ansari

“My self I am a girl My name is Zainab My father’s name is Amin I am 7 years old I live in Kasur.” Zainab Ansari describes herself in a journal entry the day she was abducted from her home in Kasur, Pakistan. On this day, she captured her innocence. And hours later, it was … Continue reading

2017: The Year of Unlikely Activists

This year has been difficult. From a political climate that has encouraged widespread bigotry to environmental disasters which ravaged the world, it often seemed as though for every small step forward we took, we would be thrown back four. I experienced a clear difference in the nation’s attitude towards minorities. While I doubt these feelings … Continue reading

Redefy Editorial Staff Picks: Activists of 2017

2017 was undoubtedly a year of brutal political turmoil and culminating social strife. However, it was also one of global empowerment and resilience. Women marched on D.C. and around America despite misogyny in powerful men, #MeToo was spread amidst untold counts of sexual assault coming to light, people took a knee while white supremacists rallied … Continue reading