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True Intersectional Feminism

When French engineer Louis Réard introduced the bikini to his fellow countrywomen in 1946, little did he know that his swimwear, or a fusion of his swimwear, would be the center of political and social debate around the world seventy years later. In July of 2016, the “burkini,” a fusion between the bikini and a … Continue reading

Literary Sexism

My journal, two unsharpened pencils, and biscuit crumbs are spread out on my desk. Sundays are for writing. I sit beside the window-light, looking at the pigeons’ heavy eyes. However, after having read Annie Finch’s piece on literary sexism and sexual abuse this morning, writing seems to have become a rather cathartic practice. As a … Continue reading

A Call to Action

As a nonpartisan organization, we aren’t interested in commenting on specific candidates or political figures. However, we are interested in empowering disenfranchised communities in a time when so many are feeling distraught, misunderstood, and silenced. This is a time when we need to hear from one another. We need to understand realities that are different … Continue reading

Celebrating World Mental Health Day

Today, October 10th, was World Mental Health Day. I paid homage by going to plant tulip bulbs in a remembrance ceremony for the two people at my school that we lost to suicide last year. This is something that I’ve never talked about more publicly before, and I feel weird saying it so casually. One … Continue reading

The Changes We Want Start with Us

When I was younger, I used to flip through my school’s history textbook and review all the famous figures I had studied that year. Starting from leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King to humanitarian workers such Florence Nightingale and Mother Teresa, I had learned about the contributions of exemplary individuals of a … Continue reading