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Lena Dunham and White Feminism

As of 2016, the Webster’s online dictionary defines feminism as “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities,” but what about everyone and everything in between? As is the case with many words, Webster’s definition only serves to underline The Big Picture. To dictionaries, the details, when thinking about what Webster’s … Continue reading

Reflection on Black Lives Matter Criticism

When I scrolled through Facebook today, I noticed that Louisiana police allegedly arrested over dozens of activists at Black Lives Matter protests because they will not tolerate blocking traffic, but what struck me more is that instead, they will tolerate violence against black bodies in the United States. They will tolerate the murders of Philando … Continue reading

Blue Tears on a Grey Day

I sit slumped over my laptop, glued to my computer screen. My dark brown eyes are blurred by the blue tears streaming down my face, as a voice in my head tells me, “be strong Anais!”. A pounding headache travels through every inch of my aching and worn out brain. I am sick of my news … Continue reading

On Brock Turner’s Six-month Sentence

Brock Allen Turner,a former Stanford undergraduate, was found January of last year raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. His conviction? A mere six months in prison. In California, however, according to penal code 261, a judge may impose a three, six, or eight year prison sentence on a person convicted of rape. In that … Continue reading

Realizing Our Realities

the proposal for Redefy’s Realizing Our Realities will be released soon, so consider bringing the event to your school/community — e-mail with questions  On Monday, May 2nd, my upper school gathered in the theater for what would have normally been our Monday announcements assembly. However, today we encountered a change in the routine. Instead of … Continue reading