Book Campaign: Wonder!

redefy is officially announcing our first project of 2014! Recently, our leadership team has come across RJ Palacio’s book, Wonder. We loved the premise of the book, about an “ordinary kid with an extraordinary face”. We feel that this book perfectly coincides with our mission for this year, which is to reduce ignorance and promote the integration of those with special needs or disabilities. We are launching a campaign to read RJ Palacio’s book in partnership with the Princeton Public Library, in the hopes that others will be as moved by it as we have been. Wonder is a best-selling book is the story of a ten-year-old boy with a jarring facial deformity who is attending regular school for the first time. Through his experiences, a portrait emerges of one community’s struggle with empathy, compassion, and acceptance. Redefy encourages everyone to read this book and embrace in being more educated about those who live with special needs or disabilities!

Please read Wonder by RJ Palacio and get all your friends and family to do the same!

We are having an event on Saturday, April 5th at the Princeton Public Library at 4 pm to have a short book discussion and embrace each other as a community. We will also be watching the movie “Bend it Like Beckham.” The movie is about Jessminder Bharma who is an 18-year-old living in west London. A daughter of Punjabi Sikhs, and a gifted soccer player, Jess goes behind her parents’ backs to play the game when, because she is female and Indian, they forbid her to play. The changing values and culture of Indian teens is also explored through the character of Jess’s friend, Tony, who is gay.

Please come out on April 5th with all your family and friends! We will have an amazing time defying stereotypes and bonding as an accepting community! (There will also most probably be snacks).