Our Mission for 2015!

redefy is excited to announce our theme and mission for 2015!

Our mission for 2015 will be to reduce racial prejudices, micro-aggressions, profiling, and hate in general within our communities and media. We find it imperative given recent events to tackle head-on the overwhelming issue of hate and prejudice. Injustices and hate plague our society and are such a detriment to the development of people and communities. Our mission this year is to stand together and to properly educate our community about the realities which each racial minority experiences. We seek to put an end to the use of derogatory terms and racial micro-aggressions. We look forward to the complete acceptance of all races, religions, and peoples. We hope for a media and justice system which values all lives equally and rids itself of the useless practice that is racial profiling. We are excited to educate through narratives, articles, and social media. We are hopeful our audiences will be receptive to our efforts and join us in our cause towards equality for all. We are fully aware of the broad nature of our mission, but we realize now more than ever we that must stand against racism and put an end to hate once and for all. We have a lot of powerful and exciting projects planned that will be announced in the near future to really promote this cause and our mission!

I am really excited for this year for all the big things planned! Stay posted, engaged, and involved!

E-mail contact.redefy@gmail.com with any inquiries, questions, ideas, or anything at all.