In the wake of the murder of Walter Scott, the anti-Muslim ads on SEPTA buses, the Chapel Hill shootings, and countless other atoricities it has become apparent that we must act against injustice.

I would like to ask all of you to contribute to redefy’s support of the‪#‎DareToUnderstand‬ campaign by the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia. Dare to Understand is a campaign seeking to replace hate with understanding. The campaign is powerfully seeking to use education, exposure, and awareness to combat the ignorance which leads to hate. Many of you live in the Greater Philadelphia area and I strongly encourage you to make a contribution to this effort. We need campaigns such as Dare to Understand to address the injustices around us.

We must be proactive in our efforts to effect change. All contributions are beneficial and I am very hopeful we can meet our goal of $2,000.

redefy’s mission for 2015 is to reduce racial prejudice and hate and this is exactly what we ned to accomplish our mission. We need this intersectional effort to promote understanding withing our community.

I hope we can band together, donate, make a difference, and benefit from this campaign.

Please e-mail contact.redefy@gmail.com with any questions, contribute, and share the cause/our page far and wide.


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