RIP Freddie Gray: We Vow to End Police Brutality

Freddie Gray. No crime committed. Brutally beaten by police. Spine severed in three places which collapsed his voice box. Died seven days later in agony. How many of these police brutality murders are we going to have until The United States of America realizes that there is a systemic problem and it’s not just with the police department, it’s with our society. If anyone tries to tell you that racism is no longer prevalent in American society, please do not believe them. RACISM IS ALIVE.  So many black men have died from police brutality. No, they never committed a crime, it was only because of the color of their skin. African-Americans are seen as a threat without even doing anything. I know personally for me being black in a society that is majority white, everyday is a battle. My parents always tell me “you have to be twice as good as them to get half of what they have”. Thats always stuck with me because I always try to excel in everything I do. I face micro-aggressions every single day. I may not catch them when I first hear them but whenever I replay the situation in my head, I always seem to catch it. So many people are scared of minorities, but really I’m even more scared than them. I’m scared for my dad and my two nephews. Nowadays you have to walk outside being cautious of how fast you move your hand to your pocket just to get your wallet or phone because the police might  utomatically think you were reaching for a weapon. It’s a shame how many times a black man’s name has turned into a hashtag with RIP stuck on the front of it. These deaths are senseless. America as a country needs to start working towards a society without racism, police brutality, discrimination, and racial profiling because the direction we are heading in right now is horrifying.

– Written by Shayla Stevenson (redefy contributor)