Todd Mack Event

A group of over 25 people had the opportunity to hear from Todd Mack ( about his music, experience with losing his friend Daniel Pearl, and organization (Music in Common:

The talk was fascinating, engaging, and informative and many people were involved. We learned about how we can build bridges through music, the importance of intersectionality, and the detriment of hate.

The talk touched on heavy topics such as the Palestine-Israel conflict, the murder of Daniel Pearl, and the necessity of change.

Our mission for 2015 is to reduce racial prejudice and hate and through Todd Mack’s words, videos, and presentation, it was clearly demonstrated that we must tear down societal barriers and embrace in one common thread: we are all human.

We were privileged to have Todd Mack come and speak and we look forward to collaborating further with him and his work!

We are very thankful to the PDS My Name My Story Club for co-hosting this event and to all those who came out!

Please view the pictures here:

Watch a clip of the brilliant presentation here:

– Written by Ziad Ahmed (redefy founder)