#DareToUnderstand Reflection

I am honored to announce that redefy has raised $1,565 dollars for the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia’s #DareToUnderstand campaign.

The #DareToUnderstand campaign is such a beautiful example of an intersectional, effective, and peaceful effort to replace hate with understanding. The Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia should be so commended for their great work to oppose the anti-Muslim ads on Philadelphia SEPTA buses and all forms of bigotry. Through education defeating ignorance is possible and the #DareToUnderstand campaign is a vehicle to educate our community about the brilliant diversity around us. Redefy could not be prouder to support this campaign.

Read more about our effort here: https://redefy.org/2015/04/09/daretounderstand/.

Visit our campaign page here: http://daretounderstand.causevox.com/redefy-dares-to-understand.

We raised 78% of our 2,000 dollar goal. While we did not meet our goal, I am immensely proud of our contribution. I am continually blessed to be surrounded by a community that is unwaveringly committed to achieving a tomorrow with equality, justice, and safety.

I thank each and every person who donated, shared the page, or learned more about how they could best contribute to the fight against bigotry.

I look so forward to seeing the #DareToUnderstand campaign grow and truly achieve profound results within our community.

This $1,565 that we have raised directly aligns itself with our 2015 mission of reducing racial prejudice and hate within our community and I could not be prouder.

I thank all of you for your continued support, conviction to justice, and generosity.

– Written by Ziad Ahmed (redefy founder)