“Love Wins.” Sticker
This is a day for which I, and many others, have been waiting a long time.

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States legalized the right to marry for same-sex couples. I have to admit, there were many times I thought this day would never come. Every time we moved forward, we seemed to move back. And yet today, I am filled with nothing but hope for humanity. One of the greatest battles for justice has been won today, and by the right side. It’s been decades since Stonewall, decades since the first state legalized same-sex marriage. And we have won.

Now we have sent out a message. Twisted morality shall never prevail over one’s right to marry whom one chooses. This is not only history, but people’s lives.

Justice so rarely prevails the way it has today. The close 5-4 vote shows both how far we’ve come and how far we have to go, but imagine it. Marriage equality has fought a long, bloody, and seemingly endless battle, but now we have won. I read the comments of the 2016 Republican presidential candidates, and I was able to laugh. Their opinions have no effect anymore. What they say doesn’t matter, because it’s done. It is finished and we have won.

I was recently inaugurated as president of my GSA. I was underclass president for a year, and a regular member the year before. Our group, even in such a liberal town as that in which I live, has endured hate speech and bigotry. We’ve been sent offensive websites and been informed of our pointlessness. People have ignored us and insulted us, they have defaced and destroyed our wall. They have put us down again and again. It’s hard, and so many people in so many places endure so much worse than we do.

The war is not over. The rest of the initialism still awaits their rights. The right of trans people to serve in the military. The right of nonbinary people to be acknowledged on government documents. The right for trans people to use the damn bathroom. The right for people to not have their sexuality assumed wherever they go.

And yet, we have prevailed. We have been fighting for so long, and we have lost so many good people. So many sacrifices were made. And we have won. We have won. Those words still sound foreign to my ears, though I cannot deny the joy they instill in me!

So today, rejoice! We have many more battles to fight, many that we may lose, but not today. Today we have won and made so many people’s lives infinitely better. Today, justice prevailed. We’ve been caught in a rainstorm all our lives, but today we finally saw the rainbow.

– Written by Nora Aguiar (redefy contributor)