The Redefy Retreat 2015

The Redefy Retreat 2015 took place from Sunday August 23rd to Monday, August 24th at Lake Wallenpaupack!

This was the first annual redefy retreat, and we really accomplished a lot. We spent our time doing icebreakers, going out on the lake, playing games, eating, working very hard in our specific groups, and having intellectual discussions related to social justice. Each group made huge progress in regards to their respective projects. Everyone really got to know one another, and I am already excited for next year’s retreat. I left the retreat knowing that we really can achieve so much together, and truly make a profound difference in this world.

This retreat also marked the completion of our restructuring effort (!

Please read Alina Ayala’s reflection about the retreat here: 

The redefy retreat was a fulfilling experience for us all. We met each other and that helped us really feel like a group and like we are actually making moves forward. All of us got a better understanding of what redefy is all about. We were able to split into our assigned teams and get to know our team members better as well. We worked together to accomplish a lot in our groups. We also had free time to get to know our fellow redefy members outside of our contributions to the organization. We did icebreakers and enjoyed going on the boats. It was a pleasure to become friends with everyone on the team. The retreat made me look forward to working with redefy more and to help redefy grow in the near future.

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