Our Mission for 2016!

redefy is excited to announce our theme and mission for 2016!

Our mission for 2016 is to promote gender equality throughout our media, discourses, and communities. We, as an organization, find this goal to be very pertinent given the intense gender-based injustice that so many face on a daily basis. Now is a critical time in our world’s history as we seek to close the gender pay gap, to ensure education for all of our girls, to end many of the atrocious practices targeting women, and to fully realize the potential of all of our population. There are many brilliant campaigns occurring right now to achieve this goals such as #HeForShe, The Girl Effect, and others, and we seek to collaboratively learn from existing efforts to educate our audience about how we can dismantle systems of patriarchy on local levels. Particularly focusing on high schools, we are also interested in exploring ways to change the culture of our halls to deconstruct detrimental gender norms. We seek to end language that insinuates that one can be limited because of their gender. Our mission to truly to embrace feminism, but also engage in constructive conversation about gender equality as a whole through educational efforts, thought-provoking content, and innovative campaigns. We look forward to a world where all children have equal access to opportunity, happiness, and success irrespective of their gender. We hope that media, justice, and society can work towards being more aware as institutions. We are excited to continue publishing narratives, articles, and social media content to further our yearly mission. We are hopeful our audiences will be receptive in our efforts and join us in our cause towards equality for all. We are fully aware of the broad nature of our mission, but we realize now more than ever we that we must stand against gender inequality and put an end to all forms of discrimination once and for all. We have a lot of powerful and exciting projects planned that will be announced in the near future to really promote this cause and our mission!

I am really excited for this year for all the big things planned! Stay posted, engaged, and involved!

E-mail contact.redefy@gmail.com with any inquiries, questions, ideas, or anything at all.