The Clean Air Campaign!

Redefy could not be more thrilled to share the Clean Air Campaign! 

This project was spearheaded by Cierra Moore (Vice President of Redefy), Abby Atkeson (Head Officer of Film), and Alexis Davis (Film Team Member).

The Clean Air Campaign is an effort to rid our vocabularies of derogatory terms, racial slurs, micro-aggressions, and words and phrases which belittle populations and are a detriment to society. The Clean Air Campaign is inspired by Duke University’s “You Don’t Say?” Campaign and Cierra Moore’s redefy article entitled “Clean Air” (

This project is imperative in order to create an atmosphere and environment which is conducive to acceptance and tolerance. Derogatory terms and micro-aggressions impede the development of human beings and societies. We hope this campaign can prevent the pervasiveness of ignorant speech through education and media.

Please learn more about the campaign and PLEDGE to keep our air clean here:!