A Call to Action

As a nonpartisan organization, we aren’t interested in commenting on specific candidates or political figures. However, we are interested in empowering disenfranchised communities in a time when so many are feeling distraught, misunderstood, and silenced.

This is a time when we need to hear from one another. We need to understand realities that are different from our own. We need empathy, clarity, and reality.

Furthermore, this is a time when our generation, the next generation, must use our voices to decide what we want our future to look like. It is our hope that our future is one that is characterized by progress, justice, and inclusivity. It is our hope that our future is one where we can all feel safe in our skin, confident in our identifies, and loved in a world that has so much love to give.

On that note, we are calling for stories. We are not calling for stories of reactions to recent political events, but rather we are interested in hearing stories of identity. The same stories we have always been seeking. We want to share how teenagers identify, experience, and dream. We want to know what you’re grappling with, and why you are passionate about a tomorrow that works for all of us. Please send all submissions to journalism.redefy@gmail.com to be published on www.redefy.org/stories.

Furthermore, we don’t just need to speak up with our truth, we also need to organize. We need to activate. We need to come together to be the future that we hope to see. If you are unsettled by our current reality, there is something we can all do. One of those things is joining our team. We are a group of over 250+ teenagers from around the world working collaboratively to create a better tomorrow and to eradicate bigotry in all of its ugly manifestations. Join today via http://goo.gl/forms/4DNcBF20OT, and let’s make sure we remember that we are #TheGenerationOfNow, #GENDERationEquality, and the only hope we have.

– Written by Ziad Ahmed (redefy Founder and President)