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Redefy is pivoting as an organization to focus on creating resources to make communities/schools more inclusive, and beyond that — we are seeking passionate young people to lead us forward at every level. We are a by teens for teens organization committed to defying stereotypes, redefining perspectives positively, and creating an active community, and we are interested in doing that by empowering people with education/tools to transform conversations. That means leveraging tools such as journalism, story-telling, social media, clubs, and ideas to further that work.

We are interested in teenagers who are ready to disrupt the status quo, to use their voice to advocate for justice, and to use whatever skills they might have to become a part of a force of young people agitating for change — to join us today. There is no prerequisite experience necessary for the vast majority of positions, and for the most part — we are just looking for you — you, whoever you may be, however you may identify, wherever you may live, whatever you do with your time. We just ask that you are willing to put in the work (specified in the job descriptions), to work collaboratively with other young people passionate about social justice, and to be yourself.

We have open positions in all areas — from Tweeter to Director of Development to Executive Director.

All job descriptions and applications can be found using, and we’re excited to welcome young people for all walks of life to take us to new heights.