How Fenty Beauty is Revolutionizing the Makeup Industry

Courtesy of DUC Magazine

Prominent R&B icon Rihanna recently released her Fenty Beauty makeup line, sparking conversation in the beauty industry and selling out in Sephoras across the nation. Consisting of forty shades of foundation in just its first release, Fenty quickly rose to fame due to the effort Rihanna and her team put in to provide people of color a diverse selection of foundations unparalleled by any other brand.

Rihanna was already known for her efforts to promote inclusivity and end the marginalization of people of color, but this launch has totally shifted the makeup industry and given the darker-skinned what they have always dreamed of– numerous shades pertaining to darker skin tones. Not only this, Rihanna included lighter shades specifically designed with people with Albinism in mind. After experiencing the exclusion of certain makeup brands altogether, people of color finally have a name they can count on.

Reviews of the products do not only praise Rihanna’s efforts to create different shades of foundation, however. Every product– including highlighter, blush, and contouring products –is deliberately designed to complement skin tones all over the spectrum. As YouTube videos reviewing the brand launched, the platform gave way to YouTubers of all skin tones purchasing the product and not risking a too-light application. In the past, makeup brands haven’t made consistent efforts to advertise for people of color, and Rihanna’s motto of promoting inclusivity with Fenty has transformed the makeup industry atmosphere.Even better, Rihanna’s line is free of any animal testing and incorporates vegan products.

Overall, Rihanna’s efforts to create an inclusive line of products have revolutionized the beauty industry and embraced the empowerment that makeup can provide for women, men, and non-binary people of all color, not just the light-skinned women most brands cater to.

-Aarushi Machavarapu