#MeToo: One Year Later

Courtesy of Radical Compliance

One year ago from this Wednesday, October 17th, the #MeToo movement launched. From this, the issue of sexual harassment has been given a much bigger spotlight. Iconic directors are now known as sexual predators. The faces of actors that we know all too well are now those of abusers. But most importantly, brave women are now using their voice via social media and social platforms to bring their harassers and abusers to justice. This new era marks the first time women are not silenced whenever they tell their truth, but instead are encouraged. Sexual harassers and abusers are no longer protected, but instead are now facing their rightful punishments. This has been a monumental time in history.

Unfortunately, sexual harassment does not just exist in hollywood. It is everywhere. It happens to all ages. Sexual harassment can even be broadcasted through a phone screen. A small action can shape a young woman’s mind surrounding ideals of relationships and the concept of love entirely, and it starts earlier than you know. In school systems, children and teens are publicly shamed and punished for wearing particular garments, revenge porn has become an ongoing problem in modern dating, and cat calling still happens casually in the streets.

So what has changed?

Currently, as of October 2018, voices of victims will be continue to be heard. No more shying away from the truth, no more silencing brave women. Sexual harassment and sexual abuse have been an ongoing issue across the world, and unfortunately, there is no remedy to completely stop all sexual harassment and assault cases. There is no way to make everyone listen. However, there is a way to heal. Our arms are open, our ears are listening, and our hearts are heavy. This is how women should feel when they tell their truth. Each story has a certain impact to inspire others to start the road to recovery.

Among those victims are young girls, daughters, wives, transgender women, and people of the LGBT community. Many of those victims are from minorities. If people are willing to listen and treat cisgender victims with respect, transgender victims should also be treated that same way. The process to heal does not discriminate.

The #MeToo movement has given victims the chance to make small steps towards recovery. Including the first step to healing: telling their truth. It has allowed women to create their own movement, to claim back their dignity and their self worth. Watching this shift in the global climate evolve into so much more than a hashtag has been truly inspiring. Sexual harassment is finally being addressed in a serious manner, and maybe—just maybe—this means that things will keep improving. That our society is headed down the right path towards justice.


-Tiffany Vuong