Drag Queens Deserve More Respect

By Sophia Maggio, Staff Writer

Courtesy of WTVR

Alex Jones is proving to be problematic once again, his bigotry crystal clear in his recent statement, in which he deems drag queens to be “demons” that will expose young minds to satanism. However, what he probably doesn’t know and undoubtedly doesn’t understand, is that drag queens have charmed audiences for decades with their flamboyant personalities and grace, and they use their influence on American culture to promote pride and carve out a pathway towards a society that is more accepting towards members of the LGBT community. Alex Jones has made his views towards the LGBT community very clear through his derogatory remarks towards the group. His examples of hate speech include making claims that homosexuality is the result of “a chemical warfare operation,” that massacres involving the LGBT community—such as Sandy Hook and Pulse Night Club—were the fault of the victims, and he even called Michelle Obama a transgender slur in a video during which he questions her gender.

On top of all this, he now has the audacity to call drag queens, incredible pride advocates, “soul sucked fallen slaves.” Comments like this not only insult the LGBT community but also attack an art form. Crafting a stunning makeup look and spending hours perfecting it is an art. Designing original outfits and bringing them to life on stage is an art. Performing singing, dancing, and comedy routines is an art. To say such close-minded, ignorant things about these amazing and talented people is an insult to their extremely difficult craft. Drag Queens are hard-working and deserve respect for what they do—for being brave enough to break away from society’s gender roles and embrace their identities and love of crossdressing.

Although the LGBT community has made many advancements in the 21st century, there are still people like Alex Jones who can somehow bear to make these comments. Society always feels the need to judge people, whether on their gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, age, or their ethnicity. Drag queens stand against these stigmas, against this detrimental mentality. They are inspiring, and they encourage people to be comfortable with who they are, to embrace their true identities. Drag Queens use their voices to tell boys that it’s okay to wear dresses, that its okay for anyone to be asexual or trans, that it’s okay to be you—even if everyone around you seems to think otherwise. If the world had more people who thought like this, who acted like this, it would be a better and more inclusive place. Drag queens deserve respect, not these sickening comments.