MISSION STATEMENTredefy’s goal is to boldly defy stereotypes, embrace acceptance, redefine our perspectives positively, and create an active community.

TL;DR: We are an organization by teenagers for teenagers seeking to empower schools/communities with resources/information to be more inclusive.

REDEFY CORP is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization. Our Federal Tax ID Number is 82-2000890. 


Founded in 2013 by Ziad Ahmed, Redefy is an international, social justice 501(c)3 non-profit organization run entirely by teens. We strive to promote acceptance, defy stereotypes, and defeat hate through:

  • sharing stories of discrimination, injustice, and struggle on our website and social media;
  • providing resources to schools across the U.S. and around the world and conducting workshops in schools to prevent the development of hateful ideas before they solidify;
  • generating discussion of pertinent social justice issues through our chapters located across the country and around the globe.

At the heart of our mission is the belief that all hate stems from ignorance and that, through conversation and education, acceptance will prevail.

During our five years of existence, we have been recognized by President Obama, MTV, PBS, Kid President, and more figures and organizations for our social justice work.

If you would like to get involved in Redefy, whether as a School Representative or as a Redefy chapter leader in your country, please visit our Join Us page.



Through articles, we spread messages of acceptance and of breaking the stereotypes that have governed our lives for far too long. We truly believe that Redefy and its followers can unite to reach our goal of creating a judgment-free community. By sharing the stories of those who have encountered stereotypes, we create an online community where people can read about others’ struggles and relate to them. We hope that, through reading, people will learn to be more accepting of others because we believe that no one should have to conform to any sort of status quo; everyone should feel free to be themselves. Our wish is that through engaging with our content, our readers become more aware of the realities of discrimination and hate in our world, and choose to embrace in acceptance.


Redefy provides resources focused on combatting hateful ideas to elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. We believe that much of the hate and discrimination that we see today spurs from ignorance, and we know that through education we can increase acceptance. We provide resources to such young students for workshops because we want the future of our nation to grow up more understanding and compassionate. Redefy works with students to educate them on the evil that stereotypes pose to our society, and by doing so, we fight to defeat ignorance and create more awareness of hate and discrimination. In addition to providing resources to schools, Redefy also hosts community events, such as our #GenerationOfNow, to facilitate conversations about pertinent social justice issues. We also host a conversation series, VOICES, in New Jersey where students can discuss social justice issues relevant in today’s world; through our chapters, we have expanded this conversation series around the world. Furthermore, through adopting Redefy’s “Realizing Our Realities” program, schools can engage in a full day of conversations about identity and difference.


Redefy possesses chapters across the U.S. and around the world. At chapter meetings, students discuss relevant social justice issues, from feminism to mass incarceration. Our goal is to create a space where teens can gather and take part in important conversations that are often neglected in a traditional classroom. Not only do our discussions occur in-person, but they occur online as well. Through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we ignite dialogue and, ultimately, change with the content we share on our platforms.

By Teens, For Teens

At Redefy, we are teenagers, high school students who seek to effect change in an increasingly hateful world. Though most would assume that our age limits us, we believe that our power lies in our youth. As young people, we are driven by the belief that it is our responsibility to ensure that tomorrow is better because we will live to see tomorrow. Teenagers have a natural instinct to rebel; if we channel our instinct towards a cause that will better our world, the outcome will be both beautiful and powerful.

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This page was written by Nick Jain, Cierra Moore, Ziad Ahmed, and James Wellemeyer