A Statement on the State of Affairs

Today, the federal government decided to withdraw protections for transgender students in regards to their ability to use their bathroom of choice in their own places of learning. Over the past few days, there have been reports of scores of bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers as well as the news out of Missouri where … Continue reading

The Prejudiced Society

A young girl walks into her high school dreading it. She walks down the halls filled with school-goers who snicker at her as she passes by. She gets to her classroom, and goes to her designated place at the back of the room. She listens attentively as the teacher speaks, but when the teacher has … Continue reading

What We Believe

  Sometimes I wonder how our lives would be if we lived in oblivion. Not knowing, not caring, of what others thought of you or frankly anyone. What if we could just accept ourselves the way we are? We are taught to put people into these categories: smart, rich, beautiful, arrogant. But I’m sure you … Continue reading

My Grades Are Not My Ethnicity

I will be the first Asian-American within my community to say that I received a C in AP United States History. No, this isn’t an attempt at characterizing an “Asian F” that in all actuality, is an A-minus. My C is real, as tangible as the day I was born. It’s so real that others … Continue reading


(Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons) I am a girl. Think about that. What’s the first thing that comes into mind? Is it weakness, or is it power? Is it ignorance, or is it understanding? Is it appearance, or is it talent and intelligence? This isn’t the 19th century. Women do not belong in kitchens, confined in … Continue reading

The Stereotypes Surrounding Mental Disorders

A little girl especially close to me has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). She occupies a special place in my heart, and it hurts me so much to see her struggle. She started exhibiting these symptoms over a year ago, and their severity seems to fluctuate arbitrarily. Almost every other day, though, she struggles: she can’t … Continue reading