The Plight of Women in the Traditional Communities

The traditional communities, especially in Africa, have the same typical mindset that the man is superior to the woman. A woman in the traditional community has the responsibility of fetching the water, cooking the food, washing the clothes, cleaning the house and taking care of the children. Although this makes the woman very hardworking, it … Continue reading

Chivalry and Feminism

A feminist can’t condone chivalry. It’s absolutely ludicrous for women to fight for equality but also expect men to pull chivalrous acts. How could they even pull out a chair for a woman? Or open the door? If feminists are searching for equality, they certainly can’t simultaneously search for chivalry. I disagree. My answer to … Continue reading


Grey teardrops plummeted down, Throbbing creek of affliction flew, Frail frame craved to stand, The unlit abyss she locked into. Whirled upon the Demons o’ God – Vicious creatures with slimy legs. Eternal death fires danced callously, Engendering torment and agony. Dark scars on slaughtered love. And blood stains that tinted red, Frail light shining … Continue reading


Courtesy of CrossFit Throughout life, we are often told to be seen and not heard. To be quiet. Not make a scene. We are trained to keep what we feel inside, to never let a trickle of it out of our mouths, because if we do, it’ll turn into a geyser, each word exploding in … Continue reading

Dear Mister Shakespeare

Dear Mister Shakespeare­ is a short film tackling the symbolic black oppression in Shakespeare’s infamous play, Othello. The film is the most intimate for art, language, and poetry. Only in 2015 was the prohibition of blackface in Othello put in place. Things that come to mind when you think racism are court cases, daily social … Continue reading

A Statement on the State of Affairs

Today, the federal government decided to withdraw protections for transgender students in regards to their ability to use their bathroom of choice in their own places of learning. Over the past few days, there have been reports of scores of bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers as well as the news out of Missouri where … Continue reading