Amidst all the pain and anguish, the discrimination and fright, a movement blazes on in the US. Starting in San Francisco, #TakeAKnee has spread throughout America, as NFL players protest police brutality during the National Anthem. Colin Kaepernick began this influential gesture last year when he refused to stand for the National Anthem, an act … Continue reading

Dear White People

  *Spoiler Alert* The acclaimed Netflix-original series Dear White People deals with racism in the most elite place: a fictional top Ivy League university. Following the discrimination faced by a group of colored students, the show uses full-frontal satire, like an alarm on Monday morning, when the narration is broken in the first opening sequences … Continue reading

Better Late Than Never: The 69th Emmy Awards

Representation in America today is a concept interpreted differently by everyone. Some view it as a portrayal of America’s diversity while others perceive it to be the unwillingness to acknowledge credible talents because of race, ethnicity, or gender. Every day is a battle for someone, be it the young girl in high school, the gentleman … Continue reading