How Much to Rent a Golf Cart at Fort Wilderness

How Much to Rent a Golf Cart at Fort Wilderness

Fort Wilderness is a popular camping and recreational resort located within Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. With its beautiful natural surroundings and numerous amenities, Fort Wilderness offers an ideal setting for outdoor enthusiasts and families looking for a fun-filled vacation. One of the best ways to explore this expansive resort is by renting a golf cart. In this article, we will discuss how much it costs to rent a golf cart at Fort Wilderness and provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

Renting a golf cart at Fort Wilderness allows visitors to easily navigate the resort’s extensive grounds, including its campsites, recreational areas, and dining locations. It provides convenience and saves time, making it an excellent choice for those who wish to make the most of their stay. Here are the current rates for golf cart rentals at Fort Wilderness:

– Standard Electric Cart: The cost for a standard electric golf cart rental is $66 per day, plus tax. These carts comfortably seat four adults and are equipped with headlights, taillights, and turn signals.

– Premium Electric Cart: For those seeking a more luxurious experience, Fort Wilderness offers premium electric golf carts at a rate of $85 per day, plus tax. These carts seat up to six adults and feature additional amenities such as plush seats, a windshield, and a USB port for charging devices.

It’s important to note that prices are subject to change, so it’s advisable to check the current rates at the time of booking. Rental fees include insurance coverage and are payable upon arrival at the designated golf cart rental location.

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FAQs about Golf Cart Rentals at Fort Wilderness:

1. Can I reserve a golf cart in advance?

Yes, it is highly recommended to make a reservation for a golf cart rental in advance to ensure availability. Reservations can be made by calling the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground directly.

2. Do I need a valid driver’s license to rent a golf cart?

Yes, a valid driver’s license is required to rent a golf cart at Fort Wilderness. The person renting the cart must be at least 18 years old.

3. Can I drive the golf cart outside of Fort Wilderness?

No, golf carts rented at Fort Wilderness are only permitted for use within the resort’s premises. They cannot be driven on public roads or taken to other areas of Walt Disney World Resort.

4. Are there any restrictions on who can drive the golf cart?

Yes, only individuals with a valid driver’s license are allowed to operate the golf cart. Additionally, the number of passengers should not exceed the cart’s designated capacity.

5. Are there any age restrictions for passengers?

There are no specific age restrictions for passengers on a golf cart. However, it is essential to ensure the safety of all occupants, especially children, by following the resort’s guidelines and instructions.

6. Can I bring my own golf cart to Fort Wilderness?

Yes, guests staying at Fort Wilderness can bring their own personal golf carts. However, there are specific regulations and guidelines that must be followed, including registering the cart with the resort and adhering to speed restrictions.

7. Can I rent a golf cart for multiple days?

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Yes, golf carts can be rented for multiple days. However, it is recommended to book in advance to secure availability for the desired duration of your stay.

Renting a golf cart at Fort Wilderness provides a convenient and enjoyable means of transportation within the resort. Whether you’re exploring the vast grounds or traveling to various amenities, a golf cart allows you to make the most of your time at this enchanting destination. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the rental rates and guidelines to ensure a smooth and memorable experience at Fort Wilderness.