How Much to Rent Port a Potty

How Much to Rent a Porta Potty?

When planning an outdoor event or project, one crucial aspect to consider is restroom facilities. Portable toilets, also known as porta potties, are a convenient and cost-effective solution for providing restroom facilities in temporary locations. However, before renting a porta potty, it is important to understand the cost involved and the factors that can affect the rental price.

The cost of renting a porta potty can vary depending on several factors, including location, duration, type of event, and additional amenities. On average, the cost to rent a standard porta potty for a day can range from $75 to $175. However, prices can be higher or lower depending on the factors mentioned above.

Factors Affecting the Rental Price:

1. Location: The cost of renting a porta potty can vary based on the location of your event or project. Prices may be higher in urban areas compared to rural areas due to higher demand and increased transportation costs.

2. Duration: The length of time you need the porta potty will impact the rental price. Longer rental periods usually offer more flexibility in negotiating a lower price. Some companies may offer discounts for extended rentals.

3. Type of Event: The type of event or project you are hosting can influence the rental price. For example, a construction site may require more durable and specialized porta potties, which can be more expensive than those needed for a casual outdoor event.

4. Additional Amenities: If you require additional amenities such as handwashing stations, sinks, or handicap-accessible units, the rental price will be higher. These added features provide convenience and comfort to users but come at an additional cost.

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5. Delivery and Pickup: The cost of delivery and pickup is usually included in the rental price. However, if your location is difficult to access or requires additional setup, there may be extra charges. It is important to clarify these details with the rental company.

6. Maintenance and Servicing: Regular maintenance and servicing of porta potties are essential to ensure cleanliness and functionality. The cost of maintenance and servicing is typically included in the rental price, but it is important to confirm this with the rental company.

7. Seasonal Demand: Rental prices may fluctuate based on seasonal demand. For example, prices may be higher during peak event seasons, such as summer or holidays when there is increased demand for portable toilets.


1. How far in advance should I book a porta potty rental?
It is recommended to book your porta potty rental at least two weeks in advance to ensure availability. However, during peak seasons, it is advisable to book even earlier to secure your desired units.

2. How many porta potties do I need for my event?
The number of porta potties needed depends on the duration of the event and the expected attendance. A general guideline is to provide one unit for every 50-100 people for a typical event lasting a few hours.

3. Can I rent a porta potty for just a few hours?
Yes, porta potties can be rented for shorter durations, including a few hours. However, keep in mind that there may be a minimum rental period or additional fees for short-term rentals.

4. Are there options for luxury or upscale porta potties?
Yes, there are luxury or upscale porta potty options available for events that require a higher level of comfort and aesthetics. These units often include features like flushing toilets, sinks, mirrors, and enhanced ventilation.

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5. Do I need to provide any utilities or connections for porta potties?
Portable toilets are self-contained units and do not require any utilities or connections. They are equipped with waste tanks, hand sanitizers, and other necessary features.

6. Can I rent a porta potty for a construction site?
Yes, porta potties are commonly used on construction sites. Depending on the nature of the project, you may need specialized units that are more durable and equipped with additional safety features.

7. How often are porta potties serviced and cleaned?
Portable toilets are serviced and cleaned on a regular basis by the rental company. The frequency of servicing varies depending on the rental duration and usage. Regular maintenance ensures hygiene and functionality.

In conclusion, the cost of renting a porta potty depends on various factors such as location, duration, type of event, and additional amenities. It is essential to consider these factors and communicate your requirements with the rental company to get an accurate price quote. Planning ahead and booking in advance will help ensure availability and secure the best rental rates for your porta potty needs.