Editorial Staff

unnamedKatie Jain, Director

Katie Jain is a 15-year-old sophomore from Princeton, NJ. She joined Redefy because she strongly believes that, though a lot of discrimination is committed through malice, the majority is done due to ignorance, and the first step in preventing discrimination is through understanding and compassion. When not fueling her Netflix addiction, Katie can be found asleep with her dogs, listening to music, or curled up reading.


Joanne Wang, Editorial Manager

Joanne is a 17-year-old feminist at WW-P High School North. She joined Redefy to make her generation aware of the dangers of stereotyping so they can make a change in their community. When she is not scribbling her thoughts down on paper, she can be found drawing, volunteering, or playing volleyball. If there’s ever a spare moment, she’s probably crying over a good book or movie.


Lily Zhu, Editorial Manager

Lily is a senior at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South and an editorial manager at Redefy. She joined Redefy to combine her writing ambitions and humanitarian values, and she is eager to contribute to Redefy journalism. In her other time, you can find her doing ballet, editing for a local newspaper, playing the oboe, or eating fruit.

profilepictureforeverythingAnushka Thorat, Editorial Manager

Anushka Thorat is a rising high school junior born in India, currently living in Edina, Minnesota.  Anushka is a strong believer in the power of youth to reshape society and strives to play an active part in helping mitigate the problems plaguing the world. As an ardent activist in her community, Anushka hopes to use literature and the media to weave the gaps in society today.


redefy picShriya Annamaneni, Editorial Manager

Shriya is a 16-year-old junior at The Lawrenceville School. She joined Redefy in order to help foster a more communicative, open-minded society and to inspire younger generations to stand up for their beliefs. In her free time, she enjoys singing, reading, and binge-watching Friends.


img_8497.jpgJosephine Wu, Editorial Manager

Josephine is a junior at Randolph High School as well as a feminist, activist, and die-hard Taylor Swift fan. She is dedicated to speaking out against hatred and prejudice while promoting acceptance for all people. Along with operating as Editorial Manager at Redefy, she’ll often be found practicing the cello, bullet-journaling (or attempting to), writing essays or flash fiction, and volunteering as a tutor for elementary and middle school students. Otherwise, she’ll be listening to Taylor Swift.

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