Our Board

Ziad Ahmed, Founder 

Ziad is a 19-year-old from Princeton, NJ. He founded Redefy in 2013 because he believes fervently in justice for all. He has since been named one of the Top 9 Teens Changing The World and a High School Trailblazer by MTV. He also keeps himself busy with running his company (JÜV Consulting), leading at school, volunteering in his community, and engaging politically. He can also be quite outrageous, and you can usually find him laughing at his own jokes. You can learn more about him here: www.ziadtheactivist.com.

c941e3e2-bfee-4fab-8a4b-ddc2f8d37ce9.jpegJames Wellemeyer, Treasurer

James is an 18-year-old from New Jersey. He joined Redefy in middle school because he believes in the power of young people to drive change and eradicate injustice. A former Executive Director of Redefy, James is passionate about civic engagement. He ideated, created, and successfully marketed a civics e-textbook, titled Young Voices, that focuses on the narratives of young activists. Outside of his political work, James enjoys baking and burning most of what he makes. He forgets his sunglasses wherever he goes and can usually be found squinting as seen in his photo above!

DSC_0022.JPGNick Jain

Nick is a rising sophomore at Princeton University. On campus, he is the Deputy Captain of the Model UN Team and the Director General of Princeton’s Model UN Conference. He is a member of Princeton University’s Diversity and Equity Committee, and a recipient of the Fields Fellowship, given to Princetonians who have demonstrated a passion for social justice advocacy on campus. Nick is also the Co-Founder and COO of JÜV Consulting, a Generation Z consulting firm seeking to provide brands with insights into the youth demographic while simultaneously uplifting the voices of teenagers across the world, a mission representative of Nick’s fervent belief that one’s age should not limit their ability to create change. At JÜV, he is in charge of managing the company’s day to day operations, overseeing all work with clients, and developing the consulting practice. He previously served as the Senior Vice President of Event Planning and Campaigns at Redefy, a communications and policy intern at the Muslim Public Affairs Council, and a research and policy intern at the Gareth Rhodes Campaign for Congress. When he isn’t working, you can find Nick aggressively playing ping pong or awkwardly dancing in the library.

Image 8-14-18 at 6.40 PMCierra Moore

Cierra is a 19-year-old from Trenton, New Jersey and a sophomore at Princeton University. She is planning to major in psychology on a pre-health track in order to go into the field of psychiatry. Cierra’s interest in psychiatry stems from the intersection of an interest in the mysteries of the human mind and an affinity for relieving others of pain. In that vein, outside of class Cierra enjoys being a volunteer for CONTACT, which is a crisis and suicide hotline for which she accepts calls and online chats. This upcoming school year, she also plans to become a tutor for Petey Greene, a prison tutoring program, as well as a Hospice volunteer. Both the volunteer work that she currently does and that she plans to do has cemented and will continue to cement her desire to make sure that people from all walks of life know that their existence on this Earth matters.

img_7366.jpegShreeya Singh

Shreeya Singh was born in India and lives in Pembroke Pines, Florida. She is a rising sophomore majoring in Political Science at Yale University and is passionate about the arts, debate, and public speaking. She is also very committed to activism and gender equality advocacy, in hopes to one day make this world more safe and equal for all.


IMG_7117 - Bhargavi GarimellaBhargavi Garimella

Bhargavi is a freshman at Harvard College from San Jose, California. She joined Redefy because of her desire to spark change on a larger platform and because she believes in building a future in which everyone’s voices can be heard. Outside of Redefy, Bhargavi is a Diversity Peer Educator on campus, volunteers at nearby prisons and hospitals, consumes stories in all forms (books, TV, movies), and writes for The Crimson. Bhargavi is always excited to share ideas, eat good food, and meet new people in every avenue of life!