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Dennis Banks and the American Indian Movement

October 29, 2017 marked the tragic passing of Dennis Banks, Anishinaabe Native American activist and co-founder of the American Indian Movement (AIM). He died of pneumonia after an open heart surgery. For several decades, Banks fought for Native American rights, leading protests and spreading awareness of the horrid conditions his people were subjected to. He … Continue reading

“Reverse Sexism” in Hollywood

Game of Thrones star, Kit Harington, recently apologized for his remarks in which he claimed he, along with other men in Hollywood, experienced sexism similar to that of female counterparts. Harington made his original remarks regarding sexism towards men, or “reverse sexism”,  in May of 2016 in an interview with The Sunday Times. In the … Continue reading

A Response to Racist Flyers in Edison

White supremacists have once again proved to be the epitome of evil by harassing innocents that have done nothing but be the race that they were born with. Recently, two Asian Edison school board candidates were targeted in a wave of denouncing postcards sent to homes in Edison, New Jersey. I took one look at … Continue reading

Remembering an Icon: Gord Downie

“First thing we’d climb a tree and maybe then we’d talk / Or sit silently and listen to our thoughts / With illusions of someday casting a golden light / No dress rehearsal, this is our life” It has been an emotional week for Canadians. Amidst the international turmoil, uncertainty south of the border and … Continue reading

Hugh Hefner: American Hero or Sexual Predator?

On September 27, 2017, controversial public figure Hugh Hefner died in his Playboy mansion at age 91. When Hefner founded Playboy Magazine in 1953, he was playing a significant role in modern American culture by igniting the sexual revolution during the post World War II era, challenging traditional conventions regarding the role of sexuality in … Continue reading