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Princeton Echo Article (8/22/14):

“Princeton teens work to change perceptions and prejudice”



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Princeton Community TV Interview (June 2014): 

“Pathways, 7.14, Ziad Ahmed and Thomas Hartshorne”




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Feature in Shanna Malcolm’s Video (mentioned around 3:15) (12/4/14): 



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Princeton Packet Article (by redefy founder, Ziad Ahmed) (2/7/15):

“PAGING PDS: Redefy’s goal: reduce racial prejudices, hatred”










Town Topics Letter to the Editor (by redefy founder, Ziad Ahmed) (5/20/15):

“Redefy and Other Groups Assert That Princeton Does Not Tolerate Intolerance” 







Image result for youtubeVideo of the Remarks by the President at the 2015 Iftar Dinner (mentioned around 3:45) (6/22/15):








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Washington Post Article about White House Iftar (6/23/15):

“Obama hosts Iftar dinner to mark Ramadan — and reach out to Muslims”  



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Share America Article about the White House Iftar (6/23/15):

“White House iftar honors shared values”



logoThe Arab Daily News Article about the White House Iftar (6/23/15): “Obama hosts Iftar in honor of Ramadan”



Image result for mtvMTV News Article about the White House Iftar (6/24/15): “I’m A 16-year-old That Was Placed on the TSA Watch List — And I Just Had Dinner with President Obama” 




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PBS NewsHour Article (6/26/15):

 “‘It’s hard to hate someone you know’: Teen’s website battles bias” 




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Anonymous News Article (6/26/15)

“How Obama Inspired A 16-Year-Old Muslim-American Boy To ‘Redefy’”




Image result for times of trentonTimes of Trenton Article (6/26/15):

“N.J. teen inaccurately placed on TSA watch list dines with Obama” 


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Princeton Patch Article (6/29/15):

“President Obama Praises Princeton Teen For Battle Against Racism” 




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A PLUS Article (7/6/15):

“This Muslim High Schooler Refuses To Let Stereotypes Define Him — And Has Done Something About Them” 



logoTown Topics Article (7/8/15):

“A Young Activist Who Is Fighting Racism Has Dinner With the President at the White House” 



Image result for mtvMTV News Article about Teens Changing the World: 

“9 Teens Changing the World in 2015”





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Feature on the Boris and Nicole Show (mentioned around 7:25) (7/30/15): 





Image result for mtvMTV Article about High School Trailblazers (8/18/15):

“Meet the Trailblazers who are changing their Community… While Still in High School” 




Image result for Article about #TheGenerationOfNow (10/28/15):

“Princeton’s Redefy presenting Dec. 13 social justice event” 





logoTown Topics Article about #TheGenerationOfNow (12/9/15):

“Teenagers Are the Focus Of Racial Justice Event” 



logoTown Topics Letter about the Hope of Teenagers (12/9/15):

 “Four Local High School Students Answer The Question ‘What Gives You Hope?'” 



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The Free Press Journal about Redefy India Open Mic Event (3/6/16): 

“Meet on gender equality at Vivekananda Library”




Image result for yth imagesYTH Interview with Redefy Activist (5/27/16): 

“ReDefy Youth Activist on Teen Pregnancy and Birth Control” 





Image result for cgtnCCTV Interview (6/4/16): 

“Ziad Ahmed: Fighting discrimination”




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UN Voices of Youth Interview (8/8/16):

 “Interview with Redefy” 


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Business Insider Article on Young Prodigies (8/30/16):

“15 young prodigies who are already changing the world”