Why Team USA’s Diversity Matters

While watching Team USA during the Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics, I was on the edge of my seat. There were a whopping 242 athletes proudly walking in, the most of any nation ever. On top of that, the group was very diverse, boasting 108 women, the largest amount internationally. Eleven African-Americans and … Continue reading

Why Liu Yifei’s Casting in Mulan’s Live Action Remake is so Significant

As teenagers in contemporary society, we have too often witnessed prevalent injustices in Hollywood’s cinematic industry. And the history of Hollywood’s injustices echoes a deep truth that has been neglected to be acknowledged until now.  For decades, roles of POC, especially Asian characters, would be assigned to white actors, who would then stereotype minorities for … Continue reading

A Response to Racist Flyers in Edison

White supremacists have once again proved to be the epitome of evil by harassing innocents that have done nothing but be the race that they were born with. Recently, two Asian Edison school board candidates were targeted in a wave of denouncing postcards sent to homes in Edison, New Jersey. I took one look at … Continue reading

Conquering Stereotypes

When I transferred to PDS in ninth grade, I set a very concrete plan for myself: I was going to go to an Ivy, major in biology, and then attend a renowned medical school. Looking back, that was mainly influenced by my love of Grey’s Anatomy. And then I took freshman biology, and I was … Continue reading