The President’s Table

On June 22nd, I had the opportunity to attend the White House Iftar, to sit at the President’s table, to meet remarkable American-Muslim leaders, to be included in the President’s remarks (, and to change my life forever. I can never thank you all enough for supporting me, encouraging me, and inspiring me. I am … Continue reading

#DareToUnderstand Reflection

I am honored to announce that redefy has raised $1,565 dollars for the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia’s #DareToUnderstand campaign. The #DareToUnderstand campaign is such a beautiful example of an intersectional, effective, and peaceful effort to replace hate with understanding. The Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia should be so commended for their great work to … Continue reading

The Reality of Racial Profiling

The United States of America was founded under the moral principles of democracy, freedom, and equality. Our Declaration of Independence famously states that, “All men are created equal” and this equality is echoed in the Constitution and more importantly the Bill of Rights. Everyday, the people of America enjoy the equality granted to us by … Continue reading