Redefy Editorial Staff Picks: Activists of 2017

2017 was undoubtedly a year of brutal political turmoil and culminating social strife. However, it was also one of global empowerment and resilience. Women marched on D.C. and around America despite misogyny in powerful men, #MeToo was spread amidst untold counts of sexual assault coming to light, people took a knee while white supremacists rallied … Continue reading

Blue Tears on a Grey Day

I sit slumped over my laptop, glued to my computer screen. My dark brown eyes are blurred by the blue tears streaming down my face, as a voice in my head tells me, “be strong Anais!”. A pounding headache travels through every inch of my aching and worn out brain. I am sick of my news … Continue reading

Be a Voice. Not an Echo.

The world suffers greatly ­not from the violence of the wicked, but from the silence of the virtuous. We are told to trust a system where one’s personal background, race, gender, and appearance is judged before ruling out the actual law. The brainwashing of people has obscured the realities of a criminally unjust court system. … Continue reading


Redefy could not be more proud to announce #TheGenerationOfNow. We are devoting a lot of our energy, time, and resources into making this event as successful as possible. The planning will be spearheaded by Ziad Ahmed (Founder and President), Nick Jain (VP of Event Planning), Nicole Hartley (Head Officer of Event Planning), and the entire … Continue reading


My Ferguson  On August 9th one year ago, Michael Brown, an unarmed African American teenager, was fatally shot by police officer, Darren Wilson, and I, along with the rest of the nation, was suddenly surrounded with the word Ferguson. From August 9th onward, Ferguson was no longer a city in Missouri, but rather the alarm … Continue reading