NAACP Travel Advisory for Black Passengers

In the wake of multiple discriminatory incidents aboard American Airlines flights, the NAACP has released statements warning black passengers highlighting potential threats to their safety and well-being. These incidents have occurred alarmingly often and thus have led the NAACP to allege “a corporate culture of… possible racial bias” on the part of the airline. Reported … Continue reading

A Response to Racist Flyers in Edison

White supremacists have once again proved to be the epitome of evil by harassing innocents that have done nothing but be the race that they were born with. Recently, two Asian Edison school board candidates were targeted in a wave of denouncing postcards sent to homes in Edison, New Jersey. I took one look at … Continue reading


1. “Name all international delegates present here.” “XXX,XXX..Oh, and Mercy Corp”, after my parent and I raised our hands.  I was waiting for my name to be called out quickly because I was pretty active during the whole conference, but my name was the last to call out.  “Sorry we forgot you.” For me, a … Continue reading