Sunshine and Skirt Lengths

I rarely wear skirts to school, and there’s one real reason for this: our dress code has a minimum length requirement, and to be caught in a shorter skirt is an embarrassment I’d rather not be subjected to. But despite my usual misgivings, I broke the tradition one day and skipped my everyday black jeans, … Continue reading

The College Process Should Not Be About Shame

The college process is without a doubt the most stressful time of any college bound high schooler’s life. There’s a rush to look the best on paper: the most extracurriculars, the highest test scores, the best GPA. With this dehumanizing stress comes a college-choice shaming culture that perpetuates discrimination. This culture is especially pervasive in … Continue reading

Stereotypes Through My OCD

As a middle-class, white, non-religious woman living in New England, I sometimes have trouble discussing stereotypes. I feel that it is not fair of me to speak of my own experiences with stereotypes as if they’ve greatly impacted my life, nor do I feel that I have the authority to interpret those of others. This … Continue reading