Mental Illness and the Parkland High School Shooting

“Don’t be a snitch.” “Blatantly crying out.” “A mental health issue.” “Don’t politicize this.” Yes, the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is an issue of mental health. Americans are not efficiently directing their attention to how mental disorders affect “Generation Z” on a daily basis. But more and more Americans, and people worldwide, … Continue reading

Lutalica… and our Identity

(courtesy of Pixabay) Lutalica (n). the part of your identity that doesn’t fit into categories (The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows) Categories abound. When we are born, we are born with a name, gender, nationality, religion, and race. And that’s alright. There are categories, and we are placed into them. There are always outliers; but given … Continue reading

Realizing Our Realities

the proposal for Redefy’s Realizing Our Realities will be released soon, so consider bringing the event to your school/community — e-mail with questions  On Monday, May 2nd, my upper school gathered in the theater for what would have normally been our Monday announcements assembly. However, today we encountered a change in the routine. Instead of … Continue reading

Sunshine and Skirt Lengths

I rarely wear skirts to school, and there’s one real reason for this: our dress code has a minimum length requirement, and to be caught in a shorter skirt is an embarrassment I’d rather not be subjected to. But despite my usual misgivings, I broke the tradition one day and skipped my everyday black jeans, … Continue reading