On My Block: Racism that Cannot be Ignored

A burka is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as, “a loose enveloping garment that covers the face and body and is worn in public by certain Muslim women.” Perhaps the writers of the Netflix dramedy, On My Block, should have read this before casting the burka as a symbol of misogyny. Perhaps, they should have … Continue reading

Understanding the Persecution of the Rohingya

Myanmar is a Buddhist-majority Southeast Asian country, where 11 million Rohingya reside. The Rohingya people are currently known as the world’s “most persecuted minority.” They speak Ruaingga, also known as Rohingya, a dialect that is distinctly different from the others spoken throughout Myanmar, and are Muslim by majority. They are not considered one of the … Continue reading

Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis

Land, homes, lives, clothes, scarves, sandals, notebooks, calendars, toys, food, water, safety, happiness, and family: all snatched by the greedy and merciless hands of the Houthis and Yemeni government. The death toll in Yemen has far surpassed 10,000 civilians — a result of the ongoing two-and-a-half year civil war that is ravaging the country. That … Continue reading

“Shero”: First Hijab-Wearing Barbie

In our world today, the hijab is a controversial topic. Many Americans argue that it is oppressive and unpatriotic, while others see it as a reflection of tradition, heritage, and religion. Despite negative opinions, Mattel has decided to make the Barbie family a little more diverse. In 2018, Mattel will be debuting its first hijab-wearing … Continue reading

NAACP Travel Advisory for Black Passengers

In the wake of multiple discriminatory incidents aboard American Airlines flights, the NAACP has released statements warning black passengers highlighting potential threats to their safety and well-being. These incidents have occurred alarmingly often and thus have led the NAACP to allege “a corporate culture of… possible racial bias” on the part of the airline. Reported … Continue reading