Ziad Ahmed, Founder 

Ziad is a 19-year-old from Princeton, NJ. He founded Redefy in 2013 because he believes fervently in justice for all. He has since been named one of the Top 9 Teens Changing The World and a High School Trailblazer by MTV. He also keeps himself busy with running his company (JÜV Consulting), leading at school, volunteering in his community, and engaging politically. He can also be quite outrageous, and you can usually find him laughing at his own jokes. You can learn more about him here: www.ziadtheactivist.com.

picpink Julia Chang, Executive Director

Julia Chang is a 16-year-old from Princeton, NJ passionate about fighting ignorance and the injustice that inextricably stems from it. She believes that what is most important for the world right now is communication — and from journalism to Model UN, she upholds the value of thought-provoking conversation at every turn. She is also highly involved at her high-school, acting in many positions including Opinions Editor of the school newspaper, a Writing Center mentor, and a co-head of Student Progressive Coalition. If you ever find her deep in thought, she’s probably thinking of an Instagram caption.

Justin Sherman, Director of Operations

Justin is a 17-year-old senior from Old Bridge, New Jersey. He joined the Redefy team in hopes of spreading tolerance and fighting for a more inclusive tomorrow. As a bottom line, Justin believes no one should face lesser opportunity because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or socioeconomic status. Outside of Redefy, he enjoys playing ice hockey for both his high school and club team, as well as acting as a SIMS mentor, student ambassador, and a member of the judiciary committee at his school.

unnamed-e1546824941167.jpgKatie Jain, Director of Journalism

Katie Jain is a 15-year-old sophomore from Princeton, NJ. She joined Redefy because she strongly believes that, though a lot of discrimination is committed through malice, the majority is done due to ignorance, and the first step in preventing discrimination is through understanding and compassion. When not fueling her Netflix addiction, Katie can be found asleep with her dogs, listening to music, or curled up reading.


Zoe Rivera, Director of Social Media

Zoe is a 16-year old junior from Somerset, New Jersey. Always the first to stand up and speak out, her intense passion for advocating for the underrepresented, undervalued, and underdog-like is a key part of her personality. When her hectic daily life dies down, you can catch her writing poetry, reading, drawing, fencing and looking up hair tutorials. Extroverted and energetic to a fault, it’s not uncommon to see her talking for hours on end with a group of people – but don’t be fooled. She’s probably talking about the chronological history of “deep-fried” memes (with some activism sprinkled in here and there).

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 11.30.35 PM - Inaya AhmedInaya Ahmed, Director of Marketing

Inaya Ahmed is a junior at the Lawrenceville School. She is passionate about social justice and spreading love. She is the President of Teens4TASK at the local soup kitchen and interns at Passage Theatre. In her free time, she enjoys theatre and getting to know people.



img_1073-e1534472173962.jpgLauren Liu, Director of Resource Creation

Lauren Liu is a 16-year old from Princeton, NJ who is deeply committed to the idea that everyone deserves a voice to express themselves, free of judgment or stereotypes. Although her voice does rise two octaves when doing so, speaking out for those who are unable to is a fundamental aspect of Lauren’s raison d’etre. If not at the library, she can usually be found on a boat, coxing her crew team; in the Mercer Courtrooms, serving the courts; in a lab, conducting piezoelectric research; or on a NYC subway, exploring the limits of her MetroCard.

71176937_503611536865515_7785804370729238528_nSanchya Kansal, Director of Management

Sanchya Kansal is a 17-year-old junior from Ashburn, Virginia dedicated to portraying a realistic identity of people of color to our society through direct representation and inclusivity. A strong believer that a true understanding of community comes from involvement, you will probably find her out and about doing service through her financial literacy workshops at a local organization or lobbying on Capitol Hill. With a passion that lies in the intersection of business and activism, she is highly engaged at school as she serves as a reporter for FBLA and founder of Investment club while working outside on political campaigns. Day or night, she will always be thrilled to dive into a long conversation about absolutely anything.