The Team

The redefy team is an international group of hundreds of students from around the world. Join the team today:!

Ziad Ahmed, Founder

Ziad is a 18-year-old from Princeton, NJ. He founded Redefy in 2013 because he believes fervently in justice for all. He has since been named one of the Top 9 Teens Changing The World and a High School Trailblazer by MTV. He also keeps himself busy with running his company (JÜV Consulting), leading at school, volunteering in his community, and engaging politically. He can also be quite outrageous, and you can usually find him laughing at his own jokes. You can learn more about him here:

IMG_6053.JPGJames Wellemeyer, Executive Director

James joined Redefy in middle school because he believes no one should be treated differently simply because of who they are. James believes that Redefy is so powerful because it is driven by youth. Founder of Campaign for a New Jersey Gubernatorial Youth Council and author of Young Voices, a civics e-textbook, James strives to increase youth political involvement and knows that youth can make a tangible impact in the realm of social justice and politics.


Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 6.54.16 PM.png

Alexandria Brady-Mine, Executive Director

Alexandria is a seventeen year-old Buchholz High School Student from Gainesville, Florida. She joined Redefy because she has dedicated her life to human rights and social justice activism. Alexandria has over nine years of experience running nonprofits and has received international recognition from Ann Taylor and Vital Voices for her nonprofit organizations. She founded her largest nonprofit The Human Projects, an international organization that has educated over a million people about human rights, in 2017. She is a self-proclaimed physics nerd and spends most of her time in a University of Florida lab researching the physics behind 3D printing complex human organs in jammed microgels.

pic_480Sara Chopra, Director of Social Media

Sara Chopra is a sixteen-year-old high-school senior at Princeton Day School in Princeton, New Jersey. In addition to her role at redefy, she is also a marketing contributor at Radius8, Inc., a retail-strategy startup. Aside from her interest in social media, Sara is a writing and Classics enthusiast interested in Roman culture and spoken Latin.


IMG_6037Inaya Ahmed, Director of Activate Your Squad

Inaya Ahmed is a sophomore at the Lawrenceville School. She participates in musical theatre, she is the Vice President of the Teens4TASK board, and she enjoys getting to know new people.




Lekha Sunder, Director of Content

Lekha is a senior from Houston, Texas. She is passionate about progressive politics and communications, and is involved in High School Democrats of America, speech and debate, JSA, the Mayor’s Youth Council, and more. She is grateful to be the Director of Content for Redefy and is looking forward to creating resources that advance social justice movements across the country.



Himaja Vendidandi, Assistant Director of Content

Himaja is a junior at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South. She is excited to serve as the Assistant Director of Content as she believes Redefy is a platform for youth to be able to defy stereotypes placed upon them to create a more inclusive environment all around. As an active member of her community and school, she is the President of the Future Problem Solving club, Vice chair for the Mercer County High School Democrats and avid advocate for equal opportunity for all babies born premature through the March of Dimes!



Mariana Fernández, Assistant Director of Development

Mariana is eighteen years old and lives in Mexico City. She is a senior in Prepa Ibero. She joined Redefy because she thinks open-mindedness and kindness are the most important things in the world, and because it could be practice for what she wants to do for the rest of her life, since her major will be international relations. She has been a member of CISV since she’s eleven, and is part of the Tabú Council at her school, which works towards acceptance in topics like gender equality, among other things. She is a huge Harry Potter fan, cheese pizza is her favorite thing in the world, and can usually be found joking around with her friends, and being every kid’s therapist at lunch.


Khaled Messai, Director of Fundraising

Khaled is a 15 year old sophomore from Urbana, Illinois. He joined Redefy because he couldn’t stand by where was a strong need for change. Khaled’s volunteered for multiple political campaigns, debates, plays the bassoon and loves tennis.



Screenshot 2017-10-02 at 5.40.13 PM

Ananya Dharma, Assistant Director of Fundraising

Ananya is a 16-year-old junior from Plainsboro, New Jersey and attends West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South. She joined Redefy because she wholeheartedly wants to make the world a better place, free from stereotypes and inequality. She is currently the director of Plainsboro Peer Tutoring, a local program that helps young students receive qualified tutoring from high-school volunteers. Her passions include giving back to the community, social justice, reading, and playing guitar. Ananya is known for her friendly, positive attitude and terrible jokes.


B53682E0-F460-4457-BA41-E07CA45BBE19.JPGVictoria Verrecchia

Victoria (Torie) is an 18-year-old from Providence, Rhode Island and currently attends Northeastern University. She has been doing work in graphic design and recently created and designed a coloring book for the pediatric patients at Hasbro Children’s Hospital and Bradley Hospital in Rhode Island. This sparked her interest in helping and giving back to the community through her art and design work and led her to join the Redefy team. She believes that creative expression has the power to bring change to our communities. Outside of Redefy, she is a part of a Boston empowerment program, Girls LEAP, and teaches self-defense skills along with emotional tools to teach young girls to value their own safety and well-being. At Northeastern she spent her first semester abroad in Rome, Italy and pursued her passion for traveling and experiential learning. She plays field hockey, enjoys painting and writing, and is often seen asking people on the street to pet their dogs.


525971D2-A874-4B72-9E0A-53E46637EA7E.JPGTushira Venkatayogi, Director of Human Resources

Tushira is a junior at Montgomery High School in New Jersey. She is outgoing and is passionate about equality, and social justice. She joined Redefy so she is able to make a change, even if it is small, in today’s world. Outside of school, Tushira interns with Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker and continues to contribute to the political world. She also is an expert netflix binge watcher, excellent napper, and laughs at almost anything and everything. She is excited to work with other people and make a change through Redefy.



Julia Chang, Director of Journalism


Julia is a 16-year-old from Princeton, NJ. She attends Princeton Day School and joined the Redefy movement with the hopes of promoting acceptance, fighting ignorance, and sparking real change. She dances, plays tennis, writes and edits for the school paper, and in her free time loves to write, take photos, and play the ukulele. She’s also a member of her school’s Asian-American Pacific Islander Club, Student Progressive Coalition, and Model UN team. If you ever find her deep in thought— she’s probably thinking of an Instagram caption.


Yuqing Liu, Manager of Resource Content

unnamed.pngYuqing is a current junior at the Texas Academy of Math and Science. She loves writing, serving as the editor-in-chief of her school’s editorial and the regional director for Youth Powerhouse. In the past, she was in charge of designing many websites, and she loves free-lance graphic design. She also enjoys photography, winning many national and international awards in the past few years. In her free time, she enjoys everything from horse back riding to pageants to scientific research.




Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 11.15.30 PM.png

Isha Patlola, Manager of Resource Creation

Isha is a 16 year old from New Jersey. She is currently a junior at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School. She joined Redefy because she is passionate about eradicating stereotypes to make the world a more accepting place. Isha loves music and plays numerous percussion instruments inside and outside of school. She also volunteers at hospitals, clinics, and various local organizations. Isha is best known for her persistence and determination to accomplish anything she puts her mind to.


Aidan Fassu, Assistant Manager of Resource Creation

Aidan is a 15 year old sophomore from Hamilton, NJ. He attends Princeton Day School, and joined Redefy because he ensure that our future has equal opportunity for all. He is also apart of the Model UN team and is an active member of his school’s Black Latino Student Union, Student Progressive Coalition, and Debate Club. If you ever see him at a party, he’ll probably be at the middle of the dance floor with some pretty questionable dance moves. He loves mayo!


Daniela Finlay, Director of Management

Daniela is a sixteen year old from New York City. She attends The Spence School in New York and is currently a junior. She is part of Redefy because she believes that social change is the responsibility of everybody. Daniela is a member of her school choir, swim team, mock trial team, multicultural awareness coalition and numerous other clubs and organizations. She is hardworking and puts all her energy into doing the things she loves.



Justin Sherman, Assistant Director of Management

Justin Sherman is a 15-year-old from Old Bridge, New Jersey and a current sophomore at Princeton Day School. He joined the Redefy team in hopes of spreading tolerance and fighting for a more inclusive tomorrow. In his free time, he enjoys playing ice hockey and occasionally, golf. And he does it all with style.



Samra Kanwal, Director of Outreach

Samra Kanwal is a 15 year old junior from Richmond, Virginia. She joined redefy because she believes in advocating for a better, more tolerant America. She is the ERA coordinator for National Organization of Women, Virginia, a social media organizer for Women’s March, and interns for Planned Parenthood. In her limited free time, Samra enjoys binge watching Game of Thrones, bullet journalist, profound existential musing, and checking things off her to-do list.

bio pic.jpg

Salonee Singh, Assistant Director of Outreach

Salonee is a 15-year-old sophomore, at Pembroke Pines Charter High School, in South Florida. She joined Redefy because she wants to help diminish the stereotypes that are entrenched in society. She participates in Congressional Debate and created OutLoud—her school’s poetry performance group. Salonee is a proud feminist, a coffee enthusiast, and a passionate movie fanatic. When she isn’t spreading her infectious laugh, she’s busy rewatching episodes of Game of Thrones.


Rubén Cuevas, Director of PR

Rubén is a sixteen-year-old from Vestal, New York. He is a junior at Vestal Senior High School. He joined redefy to inspire other young people in his community to stand up for what they believe in. Besides activism, he swims competitively, plays violin, sings in Bear Necessities, his school’s A Capella group, and does other various activities. Rubén can’t wait to be a face for redefy as Director of Public Relations and he hopes to bring his energetic personality and creativity to the organization.


Saneel Sreeni, Assistant Director of PR

Saneel Sreeni is a rising junior at the Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics and Engineering Technologies. He holds a deep passion for social justice and politics, and is involved in a number of political campaigns and civic organisations. Additionally, he serves as the co-Chairman of the Middlesex County High School Democrats as well as the Vice Chairman of the Edison Young Democrats. Outside of being a political geek, Saneel participates in Science Olympiad, FBLA, MUN and is an avid piano player. If you have any questions or feedback, don’t be afraid to reach out to him!

Bhargavi Garimella, FullSizeRender 12.jpgDirector of Programs

Bhargavi is a junior at Leland High School in San Jose, California. She joined redefy because of her desire to spark change on a larger platform and because she believes in building a future in which everyone’s voices can be heard. Outside of redefy, Bhargavi is an editor for her school’s newspaper, plays soccer, works at her local children’s hospital, and does Lincoln-Douglas debate. Bhargavi is always excited to share ideas, spark discussion, and meet new people in every avenue of life. She’s known for her dedication, friendliness, and really loud laugh.


Shreya Vuttaluru, Assistant Director of Programs

Shreya is a 16-year-old from West Windsor, New Jersey.  She is passionate about social activism and enacting change in society.  She is a firm believer in the power of the younger generation, and wants them to have more influence in the world.  She is a swimmer, a writer, and most importantly, one of the most passionate people you will ever meet.  She is most likely to be found in a heated debate, laughing at puns, or eating food samples at the supermarket.



Sonika Tayade, Director of Technology

Sonika is a 16-year old junior from Redmond, Washington. She joined Redefy because she believes that in order to truly change the world we live in, we must do it now. Sonika loves coding, hiking, and writing. As an active member of her community, she spends her time volunteering in local cultural organizations and hospitals. Sonika hopes to one day publish her own novel and book of poetry. She is kind, friendly, and loves to make others smile.

unnamed.jpgKatie Jain, Editorial Manager

Katie Jain is a 15-year-old freshman at Princeton Day School. She joined Redefy because she strongly believes that, though a lot of discrimination is committed through malice, the majority is done due to ignorance, and the first step in preventing discrimination is through understanding and compassion. When not fueling her Netflix addiction, Katie can be found asleep with her dogs, listening to music, or curled up reading.

image1Tanya Singh, Editorial Manager

Tanya Singh is a poet from Chandigarh, India. An avid writer, Tanya’s work has appeared, or is forthcoming in Gone Lawn, Eunoia Review, Indolent Books (What Rough Beast Series), Polyphony H.S, and elsewhere. Their work has been recognized by Young Indians, Jurists & Associates International (Regd.), among others. They enjoy being on the editorial teams for Siblini Arts Journal, Moledro, Minute Magazine Bioliterary Journal, and several other places. Additionally, they are the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of The Cerurove. Tanya joined Redefy because they earnestly believe in the power of creative expression to bring a change. They think you’re beautiful.




Joanne Wang, Editorial Manager

Joanne is a 16-year-old feminist at WW-P High School North. She joined Redefy to make her generation aware of the dangers of stereotyping so they can make a change in their community. When she is not scribbling her thoughts down on paper, she can be found drawing, volunteering, or playing volleyball. If there’s ever a spare moment, she’s probably crying over a good book or movie.




Lily Zhu, Editorial Manager

Lily is a junior at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South and one of the editorial managers of Redefy. She joined Redefy to combine her writing ambitions and humanitarian values, and she is eager to contribute to Redefy journalism. In her other time, you can find her doing ballet, editing for a local newspaper, playing the oboe, or eating fruit.





Helena Vasconcelos, Web Manager

Helena is a 16-year-old junior from Davie, FL.  She joined the Redefy team because she believes in changing the world through the use of technology.  As a Brazilian immigrant, her experiences have shaped her outlook on life immensely.  In her free time, she enjoys riding horses, coding, volunteering through the Best Buddies program, and competing on her school’s speech and debate team.

School Representatives Team:

Salma Touni  – Centennial High School – Baltimore, Maryland

Vennela Chatla – Centennial High School  – Ellicott City, Maryland

Faizah Rabbye – Queens High School for the Sciences – Queens, New York

Asher Mohammed Walthamstow Academy London, United Kingdom

Esmeralda Rocha Prep Northbrook Highschool  Houston, Texas

Aikya Varanasi  West Windsor Plainsboro High School North  Princeton Junction, New Jersey

Emily Gao  Homestead High School  Sunnyvale, California

Rania Rizvi  Monroe Township High School  Monroe Township, New Jersey

Chad Leo  Patuxent High School  Solomons, Maryland

Sydney Parker  Princeton High School  Princeton, New Jersey

Srinidhi Ananth  West Windsor Plainsboro High School North  Plainsboro, New Jersey

Amenah Ghani  Montgomery Upper Middle School  Skillman, New Jersey

Laila Mafemba  North Birmingham Academy  Birmingham, United Kingdom

Maryam Ahmad  Oakton High School  Fairfax, Virginia

Nalin Dwivedi West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South  West Windsor, New Jersey

Manasa Mula  West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North  Plainsboro, New Jersey

Rohit Vadodaria  Montgomery High School Belle Mead, New Jersey

Hannah Drexler  Lewisburg Area High School  Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Sapna Ramappa Notre Dame High School  San Jose, California

Iman Berry  Vincent Massey Secondary School  Windsor, Ontario

Faiza Dawood Public School Karachi, Pakistan

Savannah Green Princeton High School Princeton, New Jersey

Jonathan Griese  Homeschool  Saint Louis, Missouri

Brett Blair  Luella High School  Locust Grove, Georgia

Paroma Mehta  Jamnabai Narsee International School  Mumbai, India

Rohan Yelamanchili Naperville North High School Naperville, Illinois

Victor Ye  Glen A. Wilson High School  Hacienda Heights, CA

Kenza Hammoud  Lycée Descartes  Rabat, Morocco

Rita Sabri Groupe Scolaire High Tech  Rabat, Morocco

Alex Brodowski  Pennsbury High School  Yardley, Pennsylvania

Jay Pade  West Windsor Plainsboro  South Plainsboro, New Jersey

Valerie Wu  Presentation High School  Saratoga, California

Tushira Venkatayogi  Montgomery High School  Princeton, New Jersey

Bhavana Ravala  Normal Community High School  Bloomington, Illinois

Angela Chen  St Catherine’s School  Sydney, Australia

Alexander Pilks  Advanced Technologies Academy  Las Vegas, Nevada

Caeli Smith  White County High School  Cleveland, Georgia

Andrew Garza  Robert E Fitch High School  Mystic, Connecticut

Tejus  Sri Kumarans Children’s Home  Bangalore, India

Tisha Custodio  Orange County School of the Arts  Irvine, California

Lux Preciado-Solis  Lincoln High School  Portland, Oregon

Neha Middela  International Academy Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Shreenidhi Rajagopalan  DAV Sr. Secondary School  Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Atharva Bhagwat  Pace Junior Science College  Navi Mumbai, India

Alwyn Varghese  North Brunswick Township High School  North Brunswick, New Jersey

Fehmeeda Qayum  Nixor College for A-Levels  Karachi, Pakistan

Debbie Adam  Academies @ Englewood  Englewood, New Jersey

Angus Jyu  Monta Vista High School  Cupertino, California

Naomi Vuong – Orcutt Academy – Orcutt, California

Tiffany Vuong  Orcutt Academy – Orcutt, California

Vennela  Centennial High School – Baltimore, Maryland

Ishaan  James Logan High School – Union City, California

Justin Chiu  Urbana High School – Ijamsville, Maryland

Anushka Thorat  Edina High School  Edina, Minnesota

Elizabeth Griefer  South Brunswick High School  South Brunswick Township, New Jersey

Nicholas Sutton  Pennsbury High School – Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania

Jaydeep Grewal – Pennsbury High School  Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania

Yuqing Liu  Texas Academy of Math and Science  Denton, TX

David Chen  Colonel By Secondary School Ottawa, Ontario

Chloe Marks  Wheaton North High School  Wheaton, Illinois

Natasha Bakri  King’s Academy  Madaba, Jordan

Campus Representatives Team:

Youssef Boucetta – Hampshire College

Asianna Hall – The College of New Jersey

Mia Iqbal – Dartmouth College

Sabrina Callahan – Emory University

John-Robert Rodriguez – University of Florida

Elizabeth Valades – University of Texas

Christina Rosca – Vanderbilt University

Abby Emison – Northeastern University

Cecil Robinson – Shorter University

Neel Bhagwat – The George Washington University

Imade Ojo – Howard University

Maddie Becker – Loyola University Maryland


Zoë Selesi – Redefy Bexley Grammar School, United Kingdom

Iqra Karim – Redefy Islamabad City, Pakistan

Mariana Fernández – Redefy Mexico City, Mexico

Anis Takieddine – Redefy Morocco

Anna Jiang – Redefy California, United States

Amenah Ghani – Redefy Montgomery Upper Middle School, United States

Harry Scott – Redefy John Spence Community High School, United Kingdom

Lucas Marques – Redefy John Marshall High School, United States

Angus Jyu – Redefy Monta Vista High School, United States

Vishwaa Sofat – Redefy Stuyvesant High School, United States

Keun Young Ko – Redefy South Korea

Anais Amer – Redefy Jordan

Felipe Félix – Redefy Panama

Zain Zahir – Redefy Flint Hill School, United States

Jwala Mitra – Redefy San Jose, California

Zaid Mohammed – Redefy Belmont, Texas

Angela Chen – Redefy Sydney, Australia