Where Can I Rent a Bubble Machine

Where Can I Rent a Bubble Machine?

If you are planning a party or event and want to add some fun and whimsy, renting a bubble machine can be a great idea. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, graduation, or any other celebration, bubbles can create a magical atmosphere that will delight both kids and adults. But where can you find a bubble machine to rent? Read on to discover some popular options and frequently asked questions about renting a bubble machine.

1. Party Rental Companies:
Party rental companies are a great place to start when looking for a bubble machine. These companies specialize in renting out various party equipment, including bubble machines. They usually have a range of options available, from small portable machines to large professional-grade ones. Visit their websites or give them a call to check availability and rental rates.

2. Event Supply Stores:
Event supply stores often carry bubble machines for rent. These stores cater to individuals and businesses hosting events and offer a wide array of event-related equipment. Look for stores in your area that offer rental services and inquire about their bubble machine options. Don’t forget to ask about any additional accessories you may need, such as bubble fluid or extra wands.

3. Entertainment Companies:
Entertainment companies that specialize in providing party entertainment services may also have bubble machines available for rent. These companies often offer a variety of entertainment options, including DJs, magicians, and photo booths. If you are already hiring their services, it’s worth asking if they have bubble machines available for rent.

4. Online Rental Platforms:
There are numerous online platforms that connect people looking to rent items with those who have items available for rent. Websites like Rent It Today, Rentzi, and Rentable offer a wide range of rental options, including bubble machines. Simply search for “bubble machine” in your desired location, and you’ll find a list of available rentals.

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5. Local Toy or Party Supply Stores:
Check with your local toy or party supply stores as they may have bubble machines available for rent. These stores often carry a variety of party items and may have bubble machines in their inventory. Give them a call or visit their store to inquire about rental options and rates.

6. DIY Bubble Machine:
If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even attempt to make your own bubble machine. There are numerous tutorials available online that guide you through the process of creating a DIY bubble machine using household materials. This option can be a fun project and potentially save you some money. However, keep in mind that homemade bubble machines may not produce the same quality and quantity of bubbles as professional ones.


1. How much does it cost to rent a bubble machine?
Rental prices can vary depending on the size and quality of the machine, as well as the rental duration. On average, you can expect to pay between $20 to $100 per day for a bubble machine rental.

2. Does the rental fee include bubble fluid?
In most cases, bubble fluid is not included in the rental fee. You will need to purchase it separately or inquire with the rental provider if they offer the fluid as an additional rental item.

3. How long can I rent a bubble machine for?
Rental periods can vary, but the standard rental duration is typically 24 hours. Some rental providers may offer longer rental periods or hourly rates, so it’s best to check with them for specific details.

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4. Do I need to clean the bubble machine before returning it?
Most rental providers expect the equipment to be returned in the same condition it was rented. It’s a good practice to clean the machine before returning it, especially if it has been exposed to outdoor elements or excessive bubble residue.

5. Can I use the bubble machine indoors?
Yes, bubble machines can be used indoors, but it’s important to consider the space and ventilation. Ensure that the venue allows the use of bubble machines and take precautions to protect sensitive surfaces from potential bubble residue.

6. How many bubbles does a bubble machine produce per minute?
The bubble production rate varies depending on the machine’s size and quality. Smaller machines can produce around 500 bubbles per minute, while larger professional-grade machines can generate thousands of bubbles per minute.

7. Can I rent a bubble machine for a specific theme or color scheme?
Some rental providers may offer themed or customized bubble machines, but availability may vary. It’s best to inquire in advance if you have specific requirements for your event.

Renting a bubble machine adds an enchanting touch to any event, leaving guests mesmerized by the floating bubbles. Whether you choose to rent from a party rental company, event supply store, or explore online platforms, the options are numerous. Just remember to ask the rental provider about pricing, rental duration, and any additional accessories you may need. So go ahead, add some bubbly magic to your next celebration!