Where Is the Decal Number on a Mobile Home

Where Is the Decal Number on a Mobile Home?

If you own a mobile home, you may have come across the term “decal number.” A decal number is a unique identification number assigned to each mobile home by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This number serves as a vital piece of information for various purposes, including registration, financing, and insurance. But where exactly can you find the decal number on your mobile home? Let’s explore.

The decal number is typically located on the exterior of the mobile home. It is commonly displayed on a small metal plate or sticker, often found near the main entry door or on the side or rear of the home. Look for a series of letters and numbers, usually starting with the letters “HUD” or “SN” (Serial Number). The decal number may also be referred to as the HUD label, certification label, or data plate.

Why is the decal number important?

The decal number is crucial for several reasons:

1. Identification: The decal number is unique to each mobile home, allowing easy identification and verification of its authenticity.

2. Financing: Lenders require the decal number to process loans for mobile homes. It helps them confirm the home’s eligibility and value.

3. Insurance: Insurance companies may request the decal number to determine the insurability and coverage for your mobile home.

4. Registration: When registering your mobile home with the appropriate authorities, the decal number is often required as proof of ownership and compliance with regulations.

5. Resale Value: The decal number plays a role in determining the resale value of your mobile home, as it provides information about the home’s construction standards and compliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How long is the decal number?
The decal number can vary in length, but it typically consists of a combination of letters and numbers.

2. Can I remove or alter the decal number?
No, it is illegal to tamper with or remove the decal number. Doing so can result in penalties and difficulties with registration, financing, and insurance.

3. What if I can’t find the decal number on my mobile home?
If you cannot locate the decal number, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer or a HUD-authorized inspector for assistance. They can help you locate the number or provide a replacement if necessary.

4. Are all mobile homes required to have a decal number?
Yes, all mobile homes manufactured after June 15, 1976, are required to have a decal number. Older mobile homes may not have a decal number, as they were not subject to the same regulations.

5. Can I obtain a duplicate decal number if mine is damaged or lost?
Yes, if your decal number is damaged or lost, you can request a duplicate from the manufacturer or a HUD-authorized inspector. They will verify your ownership and provide a replacement decal number.

6. Is the decal number the same as the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)?
No, the decal number and the VIN are different. The VIN is a unique identifier for vehicles, while the decal number is specific to mobile homes. However, some mobile homes may have both a VIN and a decal number.

7. Can I use the decal number to search for information about my mobile home?
Yes, you can use the decal number to access information about your mobile home, such as its manufacturing date, construction standards, and previous ownership history. Online databases and HUD resources can assist in retrieving this information.

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In conclusion, the decal number on a mobile home is a vital piece of information that serves various purposes, including identification, financing, insurance, and registration. It is typically located on the exterior of the home and should not be tampered with or removed. If you have any difficulties finding or obtaining a decal number, contact the manufacturer or a HUD-authorized inspector for assistance.