Who Is Nominated for Eviction on Big Brother

Title: Big Brother: Nominations for Eviction Revealed


Big Brother is a popular reality TV show that captivates millions of viewers worldwide. One of the most thrilling aspects of the show is the eviction process, where contestants are nominated for elimination. In this article, we will explore the current nominations for eviction on Big Brother and address some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the process.

Nominations for Eviction:

As of the latest episode, the following contestants have been nominated for eviction on Big Brother:

1. John Doe
2. Jane Smith
3. Sarah Johnson

These houseguests are now at risk of being sent home, as their fellow contestants will decide their fate through a voting process. However, it is important to note that nominations can change throughout the week, depending on various factors such as alliances, strategies, and house dynamics.


1. How are contestants nominated for eviction on Big Brother?
Contestants are nominated for eviction through a voting process. Typically, each houseguest casts two votes for the individuals they wish to see on the chopping block. The contestants who receive the most votes will be nominated for eviction.

2. Who decides who gets nominated for eviction?
The houseguests themselves decide who gets nominated for eviction. They strategize, form alliances, and discuss their preferences to determine who they perceive as the biggest threats or obstacles to their gameplay.

3. Can the Head of Household (HOH) nominate contestants for eviction?
Yes, the HOH has the power to nominate two contestants for eviction. The HOH is determined through various competitions and holds this position for a week. They often base their nominations on personal alliances, game strategy, or perceived threats.

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4. Are nominations permanent?
Nominations are not permanent. Throughout the week, contestants have the opportunity to participate in the Power of Veto (POV) competition. The winner of this competition can remove one of the nominated houseguests from the block, forcing the HOH to choose a replacement nominee.

5. Can a contestant be nominated for eviction multiple times?
Yes, a contestant can be nominated for eviction multiple times. However, each week is a fresh start, and the nominations reset, allowing players to change their strategies and alliances.

6. How are eviction nominees determined if there is a tie?
If there is a tie in the eviction nominations, the HOH will cast the tie-breaking vote. This gives the HOH the power to decide who will remain on the block and potentially face eviction.

7. Are there any other ways for contestants to avoid eviction?
Yes, apart from winning the POV competition, contestants can employ various strategies to avoid eviction. They can campaign for votes, form alliances, create bonds with other contestants, or use their social skills and gameplay to sway opinions in their favor.


The nominations for eviction on Big Brother create an atmosphere of suspense and uncertainty for both the houseguests and viewers. As the show progresses, alliances will be tested, strategies will be refined, and unexpected twists will undoubtedly occur. The ultimate fate of the nominated contestants lies in the hands of their fellow houseguests. It is this thrilling dynamic that keeps audiences eagerly awaiting the next episode of Big Brother.