Who Voted to Evict Alyssa

Title: Who Voted to Evict Alyssa: Inside the Big Brother House


In the world of reality television, Big Brother has captured the hearts of millions of viewers with its unique blend of strategic gameplay and interpersonal drama. One of the most intense moments in each season is the eviction process, where houseguests must choose who to send packing. In this article, we will delve into the events surrounding the eviction of Alyssa, a fan-favorite contestant, and explore the reasons behind the votes that led to her departure from the Big Brother house.

The Eviction Process:

Each week, the Head of Household (HOH) has the power to nominate two houseguests for eviction. Following the nominations, the Power of Veto (POV) competition takes place, giving the nominated contestants a chance to save themselves. Finally, on eviction night, the houseguests cast their votes to determine who will be sent home.

Who Voted to Evict Alyssa?

1. Xavier: As the HOH, Xavier had the responsibility of deciding who to nominate for eviction. Although Alyssa was not his initial target, he faced pressure from his alliance to make a strategic move. Ultimately, Xavier decided to nominate Alyssa, hoping to maintain his alliance’s support.

2. Derek F.: Being a member of Xavier’s alliance, Derek F. had to support the group’s decision. Despite his personal bond with Alyssa, he voted to evict her to align himself with the majority.

3. Kyland: Kyland, another member of the dominant alliance, shared Xavier’s dilemma. Although he had formed a strong connection with Alyssa, he ultimately voted to evict her to stay loyal to the alliance.

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4. Hannah: Playing the game with a strategic mindset, Hannah was aware of the power dynamics within the house. She voted to evict Alyssa to secure her position within the alliance and maintain a strong gameplay.

5. Tiffany: Tiffany, one of the most strategic players in the game, recognized the importance of making calculated moves. Although she had formed a bond with Alyssa, Tiffany voted to evict her to solidify her alliance’s majority and further her own game.

6. Sarah Beth: Sarah Beth, an ally of Xavier and Kyland, voted to evict Alyssa to maintain her standing within the alliance. Despite having a personal relationship with Alyssa, she prioritized her gameplay and loyalty to her allies.

7. Claire: As the final member of the dominant alliance, Claire voted to evict Alyssa to preserve the alliance’s control over the game. She recognized the strategic necessity of eliminating Alyssa to maintain the majority.


1. Did Alyssa see her eviction coming?
Answer: Alyssa had an idea of being on the chopping block due to her alliance’s dwindling numbers, but she was hopeful that her personal relationships would save her from eviction.

2. Were Xavier and Derek F. hesitant to vote against Alyssa?
Answer: Yes, both Xavier and Derek F. struggled with the decision as they had formed strong personal bonds with Alyssa. However, they prioritized their alliance’s strategy over their individual friendships.

3. Did Alyssa campaign to stay in the game?
Answer: Yes, Alyssa made efforts to campaign for her safety by trying to sway the votes in her favor. However, the dominant alliance had already solidified their decision.

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4. How did Alyssa react to her eviction?
Answer: Alyssa was shocked and emotional upon hearing the news. She felt betrayed by some of her closest allies but maintained composure during her exit interview.

5. Did the remaining houseguests regret voting out Alyssa?
Answer: Some houseguests expressed regret over their decision, acknowledging the personal connections they had with Alyssa. However, they understood the strategic necessity of their votes.

6. Will Alyssa’s eviction impact the dynamics of the game?
Answer: Yes, Alyssa’s eviction shifted the power dynamics within the house, forcing remaining contestants to reassess their alliances and game strategies.

7. Who is the frontrunner to win the game after Alyssa’s eviction?
Answer: With Alyssa out of the game, the dominant alliance comprising Xavier, Derek F., Kyland, Hannah, Tiffany, and Sarah Beth holds a strong position. However, the game is unpredictable, and anything can happen.


The eviction of Alyssa in the Big Brother house was a pivotal moment that showcased the complexities of strategic gameplay and personal relationships. As the game progresses, the remaining contestants must navigate the ever-changing dynamics to secure their spot in the final stages. The vote to evict Alyssa highlighted the intense nature of the competition and the difficult decisions the houseguests must make in pursuit of the coveted title of Big Brother winner.